R & W Auto Sales is always looking to cars for cash. If you have an old vehicle that you are looking to sell then bring it to us today! We typically make same day offers after looking the vehicle over. Our used parts inventory is so vast because of the parts we find from old, junk cars that no longer serve a purpose to their owners. The whole car could be damaged, rusted out, and no hope to ever run again, and there still may be one part on that vehicle that can be refurbished and used again. Bring your car to us today and have one of the R & W professionals look it over, and give you a same day offer!

The team at R & W is full of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in the auto industry. Once you meet with any of the R & W team members, you will quickly realize we are a business built on honesty, respect for our customers, and respect for the work we do. Plus, finding salvageable parts and refurbishing them is all a part of the fun here at R & W!

Contact us today to see if your car is something we might want here at R & W!